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Jupiter Business Systems

IT Industry

Inability to track issues

Titanium helped Jupiter Business Systems develop a workflow where customers could raise their issues.


Financial Industry


  • Fiduciary documents in physical form leading to waste of real estate
  • Documents being processed multiple times resulting in financial losses and wasteof manpower
  • Distribution usually in the form of printed documents

Titanium helped ITCL digitise their documents and moved them to our DMS system. The result? Reduced turnaround time for document discovery by client, improved control over documents received and improved productivity and efficiency in approval process

Jaypee Greens

Real Estate Industry


  • Large number of legal documents
  • Manual workflow for property allocation
  • Large volume of customer invoicing, agreements, personal documentation, notices, etc

Titanium digitised over 400GB+ data for the company in images and PDFs. We further helped them implement an address allocation process and enabled a system that sent out email reminders to customers for payment/document submission.

About Us

Titanium is a data and records management solution that organises your documents and ensures that retrieval takes no more than a millisecond. Whether your records are stored digitally or in a warehouse, Titanium is capable of managing it all. The product also seamlessly integrates itself into your business and takes away all your paperwork and data woes. So super-fast, super-efficient, adaptable and reliable, Titanium is definitely leading in the world’s favourite business superhero list.”

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