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Our DMS helps you in creating an eco-friendly workplace while providing a better way to store and manage your historical data. In simple terms, with Titanium, you can bid goodbye to physical records, digitise all your files and store them on a platform where you can easily access, arrange, order, archive, group, search and protect them.
Here are some of the benefits of using a DMS:

Reduced Storage and cost

Digitising your records will help you save on expensive real estate used for storing documents

Quick Retrieval

DMS aids you in locating data much faster as compared to a manual search through archived data. The documents when stored in the system are indexed in three ways; giving you the option of advanced search using filters like like name, content, tag values, date etc.

Document Distribution

Sharing is easy with DMS. The system provides you a variety of options to export data into various formats like TIF, JPEG, ZIP, Protected ZIP, CD, etc. You can also email document or folders to any recipient using either an inbuilt client or the default mail client in the system.

Disaster Recovery

Remember the fear of losing all the documents and data? With DMS you leave tall he fear behind. It is very easy to take backups on the system and they can be restored whenever required.

Other Benefits:

Our system is available on all computer systems and mobile devices.

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Titanium is a data and records management solution that organises your documents and ensures that retrieval takes no more than a millisecond. Whether your records are stored digitally or in a warehouse, Titanium is capable of managing it all. The product also seamlessly integrates itself into your business and takes away all your paperwork and data woes. So super-fast, super-efficient, adaptable and reliable, Titanium is definitely leading in the world’s favourite business superhero list.”

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