Read and find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our service.
Is Titanium expensive?

No, we believe everyone deserves a superhero in their life, so we only charge a fraction as license fee. And if you’re digitizing a minimum quantity of 20 lakh documents with us, we’ll even waive off this fee.

What’s the key difference between a Document Management System (DMS) and Record Management System (RMS)?

What’s the difference between laser eyes and super strength? Same super hero; dual powers! While DMS is used to manage digital records, RMS is used to manage and locate physical records. And Titanium can do both, equally well!

Can you just digitise my documents? I have my own internal storage...

A superhero never says no to solving problems. We’ll digitize your documents and let you store them as you want.

My documents are already digitized, can you just set up an online Document Management System for me?

Of course! We offer only DMS services as well.

Can you manage our warehouse?

Yes, in addition to organising your warehouse and building a system (RMS) for you, we can also do your warehouse management for an additional cost. Hey, a superhero needs to earn as well!

What revenue model does Titanium work on?

We work on a rental and a full license model. So you can choose what suits your need and budget.

Why should I pick Titanium over the others?

Titanium provides you with advanced data management technology at a substantially lower cost compared to other management systems. Not to mention, you can also access our systems across computers and even through your mobile. We are also equipped to provide you with add-on services like digitising your documents, taking care of logistics and managing your warehouse at an additional cost.

About Us

Titanium is a data and records management solution that organises your documents and ensures that retrieval takes no more than a millisecond. Whether your records are stored digitally or in a warehouse, Titanium is capable of managing it all. The product also seamlessly integrates itself into your business and takes away all your paperwork and data woes. So super-fast, super-efficient, adaptable and reliable, Titanium is definitely leading in the world’s favourite business superhero list.”

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