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A Record Management System (RMS) comes in handy for companies who rely on physical records. Our online system helps you oversee and manage your warehouse by barcoding your documents and tracking all your files in one designated destination. This helps you increase document retrieval efficiency, productivity, compliance with regulations, record security and also reduces storage costs. Here’s a snapshot of what your backend can look like with our RMS.

Here are some of the benefits of using Titanium’s RMS

Zero Misfiled Documents

One misfiled document can waste not just precious billable hours but also create a bad experience for your clients. With Titanium's Record Management System, the chances of mis-filing are almost nil!

Easy Retrieval Of Records

In the absence of an organised record system, retrieving the correct files can be a mamoth task. Titanoum ensures that your warehouse stays organised. All the records and documents filed are barcoded and segregated according to type, so you know exactly where each file is located. And the best part, you can oversee over the entire process without actually visiting the warehouse or storeroom. It’s all online!

Reduced Costs & Saved Time & Efforts

Manually organising physical records takes up a lot of time and money in terms of storage space, printing, filing and staffing. Moreover, if a document is lost, the amount invested in searching or reproducing can be substantial. Titanium helps you avoid all this by creating an online repository to track, organise and segregate your physical records. Thus reducing operating costs and improving the efficiency of employees.

Regulatory Compliance

With stricter regulations and compliance issues, it is necessary for companies to toe the line. Titanium’s advanced record management technology helps you do this effortlessly and efficiently!

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Titanium is a data and records management solution that organises your documents and ensures that retrieval takes no more than a millisecond. Whether your records are stored digitally or in a warehouse, Titanium is capable of managing it all. The product also seamlessly integrates itself into your business and takes away all your paperwork and data woes. So super-fast, super-efficient, adaptable and reliable, Titanium is definitely leading in the world’s favourite business superhero list.”

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